Value Added Services - Value added delivery services

IRC is recognized for its operational perfection in Warehouse management and in transportation. In order to surpass the expectations further, IRC group also gives several Value Added Services (VAS) to all its clients.

These value-added services support the clients immensely by reducing the requirement to depute dedicated workforce to monitor & administer such activities thereby eliminate transportation obstructions that may occur due to them.

Services Offer:

Kitting:The process of packing, grouping, transporting and storing independently separate items which are associated with each other, as a single unit.  All IRC warehouses are well capable of providing kitting services to its clients.

Bulk Breaking: The process of liquidating larger package into something smaller (in large quantities) is termed as bulk breaking. Bulk breaking is amongst the most availed services of Consumer product companies.

Labeling: As the title implies, labeling is a Value Added Service availed by various customers on a regular basis at IRC. Labeling is practised while performing kitting or bulk breaking activity.

Bundling: Generally, the process of accumulating several smaller products into one large product is considered as Bundling. This service is requested by consumer product companies regularly.

Custom Packaging: This Value Added Service is majorly requested if any of the earlier mentioned services are employed. The resultant packets are very varied than the original ones if these services comes into play.

The workforce of IRC is actively committed in all of the Value Added Services and works jointly with the clients to ensure the same.