Sequential Delivery - Sequential Order delivery

Now a days, automotive industry is engaged at fulfilling at extreme individual requests of the consumers. It is associated with a wide scope of offered products, which is a challenge for logistics companies. Restricted space around a assembly line, ensuring need for continuity of prodution, high cost of storage stock and depository space for people to utilize sequential delivery. This sort of delivery is an unpredictable procedure, which relies upon numerous components, for example, tact time, amount of parts in transport container,etc. It opens capabilities for utilizing various types of technology, for example computer simulation. Present paper demonstrates the  example application of reproduction in logistics process. The primary issue to resolve was the quantity of containers in sequencing delivery procedure of vehicle windows. 


When it regards to sequencing, we see the entire picture, and we will deal with all connected all linked functional areas.We will deal with everything, from EDI correspondence and JIS, to acquiring logistics management (WMS), batch production planning & management (MES) and sequential assembly management (MES), directly through to following all quality confirmation rules (QMS). 

Deal with your day by day call-offs and sequence deliveries with ease. Error free shipments to automotive industry

The  solution is proposed for automatic management of Just-In-Time or Just-In-Sequence deliveries. It guarantees important shipments of products, including their labelling, with accompanying documentation and electronic messages. 

Reliable plan of deliveries

It processes all types of EDI messages from manufacturers or suppliers to automotive industry. Based on call-offs and cumulative numbers it creates plan of deliveries and ensures creation of electronic delivery note (ASN) at shipment.

Error-free shipment

Based on plan of deliveries it ensures shipment of correct components in correct packages, while respecting the customer requirements and FIFO rules. At the same time it prepares a complete printed documentation like labels and delivery notes.

Error-free sequencing

It ensures proper labelling and ordering of components, both in a handling unit, and on a truck. Including prints of sequence labels for individual delivered components, distribution of labels to assembly lines/shipment places, and prints of summary labels for sequence containers.

Backup and check mechanisms

It contains numerous check mechanisms, which eliminate errors at processing messages, proposing deliveries, picking, labelling, and shipping. At the same time it contains sophisticated mechanisms for cases of unexpected drop-outs of connections with customers or unexpected events within internal network.

The Benefits of Using Our Scheduled & Multi-Drop Service

Improved delivery times

Increases of site work forces work capacity

Eliminates unproductive time

Provides greater stock control

Reduces operational cost

Reduces late arrival to and cancellations

Increases customer satisfaction and brand reputation