RISK MANAGEMENT - supply chain risk management

IRC group professionals can implement complete program analysis, safety, marketing, loss prevention and client services. We have formed essential relations over the years with the national and international insurance markets that practice in the transportation area. As a consequence, we can consistently barter risk transfer and insurance placement solutions that give a higher value than our competition’s offerings, and we possess unequaled advantage through the premium volume to further advocate on your behalf to guarantee fair claims resolve.

Services we offer to protect your supply chain:

  • Insurance – Our schedule permits for flexibility on coverage, allowing clients to purchase this with every transaction or with an annual policy.
  • Claims management and insurance brokerage through IRC group.
  • Offering a web-based service for filing cargo claims.

What makes us different from any other organization?

    • Our experience and knowledge help in the detailed study of your requirements.
    • Know how to handle Indian logistics conditions. In Indian logistics many times you can face last-minute surprises, and these surprises can be related to any field of legal / licensing etc.
    • Customs is AEO certified.
    • Our warehouses are fire protected; water sprinklers are correctly installed. Our warehouses are equipped with temperature control technology. Proper led lighting for smooth logistics operations.

The prime objective of Supply chain risk management (SCRM) is to cut back the unsure situation and exploit an applicable set of resolution to manage the situation expeditiously and effectively. SCRM is full with challenges which will end in higher cost, wasted materials and production error. It has become even more complicated and vulnerable than in past. Due to unaware of ordinarily recognized definition of SCRM and really afraid literature, it’s terribly tough to clearly understand it. This study has worked on two objectives.

  • First, this study has tried to know the character of SCRM by elaborating relevant literature with a completely unique methodology and to finding of fact its correct rationalization.
  • Second, compile the varied  and scattered literature therefore for potential researchers it’ll be simple to approach it. A comprehensive review shows that study on SCRM continues is not very restricted but also lot of dispel.