SECURITY - Cargo Security

IRC group affords complete protection for the goods which we ship, initially we wholly examine the contents of the cargo, and notify the respective authorities where the cargo is apparently going to be delivered. We will provide your corporation a complete dedicated service & the smartest security equipment available. Your organization team will have absolute clarity of your shipments with firsthand feedback on arrival & departure from all locations. We secure the freight by exercising suitable security measures like:

  • Our active Command Center which has experienced analysts observe cargo movements sharply.
  • Technologically advanced tracking equipment employed to monitor light, motion and temperature, that gives real-time information.
  • Engage security and risk intelligence teams for taking corrective actions immediately, if we suspect any threat
  • Integrated Security Solutions: During the today’s advanced security solution is the demand to integrate existing and newly developing technologies and also the probability of permissive swift and correct management of the flood of data that these frequently produce. We provide integrated security solutions for crucial infrastructure, town security, airports, sea ports, offshore rigs.
    Cargo security has recently come into focus and become a crucial a part of the full security structure with new, inflexible rules returning into force throughout Asia and also the remain of the world.
    Regulators and company work along to effectively secure and manage the full supply chain to make sure that cargo remains secure from its approved acceptance into the ability all the way through to its arrival at destination.
    Finally the goal is to make sure that goods are transported while not unlawful interference which the products carried are themselves free from unadvised prohibited and restricted things like explosives, weapons and narcotics.