Customs & Compliance - Customs Clearance Services

Customs & Regulatory Compliance solutions assist in linking the data gap between trading partners & regulatory authorities to facilitate adequate cargo security screening, customs declaration filings & compliance across various regulatory specifications and industry-sponsored initiatives affecting international transportation. These clarifications are based on years of domain speciality, technology innovation and broad-reaching logistics community connectivity & enable organizations to streamline operations regarding the compliance and regulatory technicalities of global trade.

Based on years of knowledge in working with regulatory authorities, the IRC group facilitates collaboration among multiple parties to discuss filing requirements across transportation modes.

IRC Customs & Regulatory Compliance solutions provide you with the industry’s widest array of customs and regulatory solutions. Our modular approach also enables businesses to select specific features and functions based on compliance requirements, available in-house resources, technology infrastructure, budgets and relationships with trading partners.

IRC Customs & compliance service benefits:

  • Consistent, smooth entry processing, expedited clearance and lessened costs
  • Develop zero error data by employing compliance assistance for imports
  • Access a complete-service staff of licensed customs brokerage professionals
  • Develop approved operating methods and stablest business practices to aid you to mitigate regulation flaws and control risk
  • Minimize expensive delays with cargo examination coordination