MULTI MODAL - MultiModal Transportation

IRC group is an end to end multimodal integrated logistics company. IRC group multimodal facility combines Sea, Air, Road and Rail shipping services for providing doorstep delivery and increased savings on every shipment. We are MTO registered multimodal transport operator by combining sea, air and road transportation shipping services we further aid you in minimizing destination warehouse rent charges.

All multimodal shipments are always connected with our established global network. And get 24 X 7 supports from origin to end.

Multimodal Transport is the combination of various means that of transport, so as to facilitate the movement of consignment, i.e. creating it quicker and more economical.

When it involves this mode of transportation, there’s over one more vehicle necessary to cary the products to their final destination, by the usage of trucks, trains, ships, airplanes or another mean of transport for the delivery.

The advantage of Multimodal Transport lies within the most effective combination of multiple means that of transport, optimizing deadlines, decreasing on inventory prices, thus keeping the prices of the merchandise under control. The consolidation of those results ends up in high environmental suitability, since Multimodal Transport reduces the environmental footprint of transportation.

Despite the support of environmentalists and consignment transportation specialists, multimodality would possibly induce bound prices through the help of modal interfaces, like trans-shipments, handling, etc. However, you will rent a Freight Forwarding Company that give an bridge between the various transport, with out the envolvement of Exporter or the Importer involve in this exchange

For more critical shipments, or a more thorough exploration of the quality/price of every a part of the transportation, multimodal transport is a good.

Multimodal Services gives:

  • Improved transit time and performance.
  • Simplified shipment documentation.
  • Custom clearances.
  • Licensing Approvals.
  • Global tracking and reporting.
  • Deliver products to almost every location.
  • Save money at every transaction.