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IRC is among one of the Best Supply Chain Management Companies in India. 

Supply chain management (SCM) is that the management of flow of products and services. It includes movement & storage of material, work-in-process inventory and finished product from dot of origin to dot of consumption. Experienced team in supply chain management can add value in many ways, like reducing overhead whereas meeting your service level, strengthen assets, leveling inventory against forecast demand and helps in lowering total landed prices by optimizing routes, carrier rates and tariffs. Our team of consultants make sure that every step is fastidiously coordinated and managed. With our wide unfold network, we tend to support your buying,merchandising & supply method any place in Asian. We tend to analyse every step in your logistical chain, secure each link and supply right issue, within the right place, at the proper time and at the proper value to confirm sleek and economical operation.Drawing on our world operations and native skilled data, our team will enhance routes to realize lower landed prices with inevitable lead times that helps scale back safety stocks, while up inventory turns.


You can also draw on our local knowledge in your particular industry. Our supply chain processes are further enhanced through the extensive use of bar coding, electronic data interchange and e-labeling system etc. It is IRC’s cutting edge visibility and information management system,that allows you to quickly track your merchandise through each step of the supply chain, so you have complete visibility, actionable information and peace of mind.


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Network improvement

International route management

Supply chain medicine

Aligning strategic business wants

Integrated approach

Reduction of operative expenses

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Efficient operation

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