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Order fulfillment means receiving, processing and delivery of the product to the end customer. These mentioned three processes in itself is having a varied number of steps involved like verify the product count, inspect the products for any damage, after the products are counted and examined, the next step is to pack the product items and make it ready for shipping.

Then the task of choosing the best shipping method for the product and create a road map so, that product can transfer to the client’s location safely. Doing all these tasks without having a network of warehouses and experienced staff is not feasible. But you need not worry, IRC Group is having a vast network of warehouses and skilled workforce, with the aid of which IRC can do these processes quite smoothly and efficiently.

Order fulfillment is a key procedure in dealing with syupply chain. It is the client’s orders that put the supply chain in movement, and filling them proficiently and adequately is the first step in giving client service. In any case, the order fulfillment process includes something other than filling orders. It is about designing a network and a procedure that allows a firm to meet client demands while reducing the total delivered expense. This includes more than logistics, and it requires to be carry out cross‐functionally and with the coordination of key providers and clients.

In this paper the order fulfillment process is portrayed in detail to indicate how it may be executed inside an organization, and handled crosswise over firms in the supply chain. The, activities of each sub‐process are inspected; the interfaces with functional silos, procedures and firms are assessed; and, instances of successful executions are provided.


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