The last few years have witnessed revolutionary changes in the management systems and manufacturing innovations of the worldwide automotive industry. The focus has tilted away from numbers to a lower cost model as supported by the emerging markets. Of these emerging markets, India stakes a claim with its roll in shaping and leading the outsourcing market. India has been summoned as an emerging hub for the manufacturing industries with its focus on engineering, innovation, and overall growth leading it to the stronghold of market leaders.

There is a long list of MNCs that are forging alliances with their Indian counterparts. Corporate participation in these alliances varies from 10 to 100 percent.

India has become a preferred destination for American, European, Japanese and Korean automotive companies because they realize that in the future, auto manufacturing will require world-class cost effective IT and engineering experties and India has an abundance of both. In India, IRC is the Best Customized Logistics Solutions Company ,it is equipped with various logistics services like End to End Logistics Solutions, Freight Forwarding , Specialized Transportation Solutions, Custom Clearance , Custom Regulation ,Project Cargo Movement, ODC (Over Dimension Cargo) Movers ,Supply Chain Management, Customized Logistics Solutions etc.


IRC incorporates the principles of Just in Time and ensures timely availability of parts and components for production with virtually bare minimum inventory. The collection of material from various parts of the country and delivery either to the IRC hub warehouse or direct to the plant. The concept of hubs and consolidation of dispatches are practiced with efficiency.


IRC has been providing customized logistic services for over a decade to its clientele through Supply Chain Management concepts for replenishment of inventory based on the concept of “Milk Run”. We handle spare parts distribution of one of the biggest Automobile in the country.


We have managed kitting for a reputed OEM. In the process we make all the necessary arrangements like checking the correctness of various details like bin type, colour, standard pack quantity, part No. of material etc. Supplied by supplier, insuring that all bins are bearing proper I.D/KANBAN No. and labeling as advised by buyer, returning empty bins/trolleys to supplier on a weekly/daily basis proportionate to production.


IRC is Best in providing End to End Logistics Solutions .Under milk run we collect from and deliver to multiple locations, and offer End to End Logistics Solution to deliver material from major cities to all other locations as point to point. We cater to an automobile client for deliveries to cover over 100 locations in North India alone.


IRC is engaged in secondary warehousing and distribution for a large FMCG company for distribution of their goods to over 350 locations in North India alone. The company has a large number of warehouse located in the heart of important cities throughout the country. We are also maintaining the various task like knitting, packing of the materials and despatches the same to the dealer distributor and wholesalers as and when they require. And we have earned very good name due to prompt delivery of the material.

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