IRC GROUP provide best Steel Industry Logistics.

For some shippers in the metal and steel industry, transportation absorb an unequal chunk of the budget. Since clients, especially those into car manufacturing business, rely upon Just In Time Delivery to link with production or there construction schedules, they don’t accept missed transportation deadlines and are frustrated by poor transportation clarity. Added to this, deliveries of raw materials in high volumes add to unrestrained flows, traffic blockage at every area, and more complicated complaints procedures.

With this acute subtlety to transportation cost, timing, and complication, the metal and steel industry logistics specifically needs effective shipment process and trustworthy bearers. Digitization of logistics processes is a important open door for shippers to reduce the transportation costs, improve proficiency, and increase customers service with real time information. It is highly effective response to the present difficulties of surprising fluctuations, reducing margins, just-in-time deliveries, and increase the cost pressure.

With a large number of partners integrated into our transportation network, we are able to arrange a unique insight into supply chain best proceeding in the metal and steel industry.

Explore our logistics, shipping and supply chain solutions for the metal and steel industry. 

Best-practice solutions for the metal & steel industry Logistics

1. Offering with immense transporter database for metal and steel shippers

This logistics bid invitation procedure is successful and effective – a strategy by which you can acquire freight services at a moment’s notice, accomplishing the best freight rates with lower administrator costs.

With our Tendering process you can set up a pool with trustworthy and high quality carriers: We have good number of steel-specialized transporters are associated with our tendering platform. The carriers have the correct expertise and significant involvement in the metal and steel industry.

2. Flexible Transport Assignment
Reduce transportation and administration costs with our adaptable transport appointment solutions:
Day by Day task allotment via ‘best carrier.
Send the order to the close pool of transporters, get offers, make comparisons and select the one with the best price and performance ratio.
Task dependent on fixed cargo rates through ‘no-touch order’: Automatic allotment of task to one carrier dependent on pre-set criteria.

3.Time Slot Management for outbound & inbound flows
Decrease waiting & turnaround times, just-in-time deliveries using our Time Slot Management solution. Managing your outbound flows, this also manage the inbound flows of raw materials. ). You, your suppliers & carriers get an overview of present delivery allocation which allows you to achieve controlled delivery of the right goods at the right time & place to avoid traffic jams & waiting vehicles.

4. Continuous transport perceivability
Our Mobile Order Management solution system gives you continuous clarity of your shipment during the end to end shipment journey. It computes the estimated time of arrival for loading and unloading which enables excellent planning and resource coordination for you and your customers. The process automatically informs your recipients about any delivery delay or when a truck is approaching the delivery destination. Assure end-to-end tracking & the safe arrival of all products in the right place at the fix time, in excellent condition.