3PL predominantly concentrate on the merger of operation, warehousing and transportation services. Third party logistics has a specific role with Supply chain management that can vary and personalize as per the customer’s requirement. IRC is an admirable organisation for providing 3 PL services that embrace Transportation, Warehousing, Distribution Operations, Contract Warehousing and other Value Added Services. Shipment facility close to the warehouse across locations makes transportation economical, offers the product to be disposed within a shorter span of time. The organisation’s objective is to perform and deliver to our customers consistently.

Some of these benefits include:
  • Right through assembly and distribution of shipment across India.
  • To fulfil the client’s requirement IRC adheres logistic management that aims, enacts, and controls the storage of goods, related information from the start till the consumption of the product.
  • The company emphasis on SCM (supply chain management) through which we involve in the movement and storage of raw materials and goods as per the necessity of customer.
  • It comprises the vehicle should be GPS/GSM enable for proper tracking facility
  • There is genuine assembly of the product and demonstration about the goods on the package.
  • IRC promises to follow a fascinating Milk Run strategy that focuses on the practice to gather the requirement from the client on a regular basis rather than weekly /monthly and fulfill the same at the earliest.
  • JIT deliveries that are just in time deliveries employs to gain regulation and reduce wastage of goods as they involve once instructed in production, hence diminish inventory cost.
  • The organisation empowers its existence locally and geographically.
  • IRC has tremendously qualified employees to follow all regulations and work accordingly.

IRC, offers essential services for the automobile industry, i.e. transportation of totally constructed section from fabrication unit to either their respective depots or to their dealers in the country.

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