Construction Equipment & Heavy Machinery Transportation

IRC GROUP deliver your most valued construction machinery’s, your truck, and construction equipment carefully into the hands of your other most priceless asset, your workforce. Our Logistician understand delay deliveries is equivalent to lose in revenue, so we work hard and smart to arrange the transportation of your trucks and heavy construction equipment’s for the next job site. Our trustworthy and capable truck, machinery, and construction equipment shipping services have been certified again and again and always come out on top.

Heavy equipment’s transportation is also very expensive—and necessary—equipment. Whether it’s a bulldozer for a construction work or an engine for an aircraft, your cargo / product is not just intensely valuable; it needs to be delivered on time in order to maintain the construction and production schedules. That’s a big order, and not every broker or carrier understands the many details involved with heavy equipment transport.

It’s our specialty that focus—and our 55 years of experience—gives us a brink . We will be grateful, the complicatedness involved–from specially designed equipment to best practices– and have connection with the best heavy equipment trucking companies in the business. We know what to assume because we’ve been through the fire—or least the ice.

We organize safe shipment of a 90-ton through two ice storms, delivered on time. That’s the type of success story that’s acquire us the honor as one of the best heavy equipment transportation services around.

• Freight merchant for Shipping Construction and Heavy Equipment
• The size and type of construction or heavy equipment or machinery you need to shipped will determine the hauling machinery needed to move it. For shipping the machinery and heavy equipment we use drop-deck, flatbed, double drop-deck etc and/or a few other trailers.

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Construction equipment includes:
• Cranes
• Bulldozers
• Forklifts
• Rollers
• Excavators
• Concrete mixers
• Tanks
• Tractors

Our team handles automotive parts. We use commercial vehicle transportation including cars, sports cars, recreational vehicles, as well as cross country car shipping. Our progressive dispatch team arrange the transportion of trucks and truck chassis to and from a wide variety of places including ports, warehouses, plants, railway distribution points, auctions, and dealerships. We aim to streamline every facet of the truck transport process so the shipment is peaceful at every turn.