Walk through the IRC’s Gujarat Logistics Center at Becharaji, by Mr. Aradhya Gupta, Director, IRC Global

IRC Gujarat logistic centre is truly a result of hard work, discussion and observations of the past as well as the current supply chain management practices. It’s an attempt to help the entire automotive industry achieve the freedom setting up the entire production house multiple different location and parallel to that the component manufacturers have a single point of dealing, giving them the ability to flow there material through to the automobile house without having to worry about the management, care taking and safe & on time delivery of the inventory.

PRIMARY MOVEMENT (DOMESTIC + IMPORTS) – It all starts from goods retrieval, either from the vendor premises in another part of the country or another country altogether. The Logistics Center helps both the ends of the chain by giving historical data showing the inwards, outwards and the stock trends.

Traditionally the transportation, and all the stages of the entire import procedure, is taken care of by separate logistic service providers. In this case as we possess the capability to handle all of it our self it’s our duty to ease out all of this for our customer.

QUALITY – our customers have been kind enough to help us by training our people at their premises to be able to check the quality as per their SOPs, of the components as soon as they reach our facility in Gujarat. This is integrated to the inventory management system post operational commencement of that customer.

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT ACTIVITIES – The material is received from multiple locations in large quantities, and then stored as per the pre defined locations inside the logistics Center. Based on the OEMs production plan, selective SKUs in the defined quantity need to be picked, and might require some repacking, assembly, check for quality, and kitting. Post all these activities, dispatched are executed ensuring FIFO.

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