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Background : IRC group & Sanskriti International a Free Education Society have scaled up the joint initiative to provide free yet holistic education to underprivileged children. With a humble beginning with two children in 2001, this year the number has touched hundreds. There was a period; parents and community were reluctant to send their children to school. In the majority of the cases, the children were the first generation learners in their respective families. Eventually, charisma of quality teaching spread far & wide. The surge in the number of needy and chiefly illiterate parents bringing their children for tutoring made Sanskriti International expand its capability. The goal for succeeding years is to impart free & good quality education to more and more underprivileged children.

About the Partner

Sanskriti International is an enrolled Society operating for promoting well-being & progress of underprivileged children in Delhi. Started in 2001 by a group of eminent performing artists, namely Mr. John Raphel (ex-principal, Delhi School of Music), Smt. Vasanti Sridhar (Dance Director-Prashanti Natya Nilaayam), Capt. Indrani Singh (Pilot & Chairperson literacy India), & Mrs. Anuradha Gupta (Pianist, Painter) with two children, today Sanskriti International Education Society is providing free education to hundreds of class 5th to 12th children.

Imparting knowledge in Sanskriti International is different; in here, we not only make the student get useful knowledge but also infuses a sense of accountability in each student. In Sanskriti International School, students of higher classes gives lessons to the students of the junior class. In this manner, juniors get a good education, and senior students develop a sense of responsibility towards society. A mutual partnership grows in which you return what you get. Imparting quality education with novel methodologies and tools make teaching and learning exciting as well as compelling. Various children have been mainstreamed into formal colleges like Lady Sreeram College, Delhi and other reputed colleges under Delhi University. For the selected bright young students, Sanskriti International provides 100% scholarship.


1. Act as a catalyst in creating a sustainable transformation in the lives of underprivileged youngsters, with a realistic approach to development.

2. Enable the civil society all over the world to involve proactively in the reform process through the belief of civic driven change.


1.To guarantee all-round growth of children by equipping them with quality education, so that they can achieve a better life independently & act as able Citizens of our nation.

2. To empower girls & women from society by giving them the necessary support for continuing their educational goals, so that they can grow as dignified, confident & positive contributors to the society.

3. To support children & youth cast their future with a secure job by granting them appropriate education, guidance, grooming & counselling facilities.


1. The aim of providing education is to establish a platform for a teenager To learn, grow & explore.

2. To develop as a self-aware person with the capacity to make his own appropriate choices in all phases of life.

3. Able to understand himself and all the people who have surrounded him (family, friends, society & the world at large)

4. Able to sustain learning & recognize a career of his interest area by the help of which he can support himself and his family members.

5. Enjoy the complete process of learning. Core Values

Core Values

Quality —– Integrity —- Professionalism — Transparency —- Innovation —– Commitment – — Excellence

Key Differentiates

1. FREE YET QUALITY EDUCATION: Sanskriti International School gives children from urban slums with no cost, first-grade education. The society does not impose any kind of fee from its beneficiaries. Sanskriti international offers books & stationery free of charge yet the nature of knowledge imparted is at par with the other private educational institutes of the city.

2. CHARITY WITH NO COMPROMISE ON QUALITY: To expand the school as an example of perfection and not merely for charity, the education society has adopted a no-compromise approach to ensure that the children get an education that is at par with other institutes in NCR. To accomplish this, the Foundation lays particular stress on strengthening quality infrastructure, updating teaching and observing the academic performance of the learners.

3. SOCIETY WELFARE INITIATIVES: Sanskriti International has also spread its wings beyond the school. Some of the initiatives taken by Sanskriti International:

a. Active participation in Prime Minister’s Swach Bharat Campaign

b. Conducted programs that aim to spread the awareness related to cleanliness and education.

c. Spread the message of being active: organized a Mini marathon of around five-hundred children.

d. Organized an art competition in which approximately seventy children have taken part, it was held in 2011.

e. We also celebrate days like Republic Day and Independence Day to create awareness among students.

f. We also encourage students to perform better via Rewards and Recognition. We have provided bicycles to those students who perform better academically.

g. The educational society also arranges various health camps for each and everyone in the areas encircling the School.

4. GIVE PREFERENCE TO GIRL CHILD: Sanskriti international gives preference to the girl child in its educational endeavors.

5. NO DISCRIMINATION POLICY: All the students who come to Sanskriti International are alike; we do not distinguish by religion, caste or creed. In actuality, we give more attention to the lesser privileged to ensure a fair opportunity for education to everyone.

6. MAINTAINED ON LOW ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS: From the day of its formation, Sanskriti International has kept its administrative expenses as low as feasible so that the receivers get full gains concerning education.

7. HIGHLY TRAINED AND QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL TEAM: The staff at Sanskriti International is profoundly qualified with degrees and has extensive experience in teaching. The society guarantees continued enhancement of skills via training and development. All the teachers work with Sanskriti International works on a volunteer basis.

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