Why To Choose 2D Barcode Labels For Warehouse ?

Warehouse management software can incorporate a significant amount of data regarding every product, case or pallet. And by that indicates today’s barcodes must be adequate to hold huge volumes of data.

Barcode becomes more important to a warehouse because of its data capture capability; it helps in inventory clarity and tracking which increases operational effectiveness and speed.In here we are shedding some light on the advantages of 2d barcode labels which make it a must choice for today’s warehouses.

1. 2D barcodes can store more information and they are smaller in size:  2D barcode can store more information than linear barcodes or 1D barcodes, 1D barcodes stores a very limited amount of information, approximately equivalent to just 20 characters. On the other hand, Two-dimensional – or 2D – barcodes have the potential to store thousands of characters of data. 2D barcodes not only store more data, but 2d barcodes are also smaller than 1D or linear barcodes. A 2D barcode can contain information like serial number, product name, lot number, date to be shipped, date of arrival, and many more. A single scan captures all this information.

2. Reading 2d barcodes is easier: 2D barcodes need imaging scanners to scan them. An imager doesn’t employ reflected light like a traditional laser scanner. An imaging scanner can read the data of a barcode in any direction – even upside down.

3. 2D barcodes reduce human error and improve accuracy: Regular 1D barcodes can increase accuracy by utilizing automation to reduce manual data entry and human error associated with it. 2D barcodes can further enhance this advantage significantly because 2D barcodes save so much more data – resulting in lowering data entry even further. Workers have all the aggregated knowledge they require with a single scan. It will help in streamlining data collection and lessens the risk of the shipping errors.

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