Why is Sea Freight Transportation good Over Other Shipping Methods?

In process of deciding the best mode of transportation for shipping consignments, one has to consider a lot of things. Seaborne trade aggregated to 90% of the entire global business and covered 998 billion ton-miles in 2016 as per UNCTAD. Sea freight transportation is by far the best mode of transportation in comparison to other shipping methods available. Let us find out why:

  1. Economical
    Cargoes especially those bulky in volume or size need to be moved through sea freight owing to the economic benefits. While weight or size might be an essential factor while shipping through the air, sea freight is far less expensive.
  2. Variety of Cargo: Bulk commodities like agri-products and heavy cargo like minerals and metals would be impossible to move via other modes of shipping. Sea freight can accommodate transportation of a variety of items from larger odd shaped items like propellers, engines etc. too. Ships can carry a wide range of products which have long lead times.
  3. Environment-Friendly: Sea freight transportation is the most environmentally friendly mode among all transportation options. Other transports like airlines emit a higher volume of pollutants and gases and at the same time carry less spare capacity. Ships are a much greener mode and have higher carrying capacities too.
  4. Safety: The percentage of loss of cargo caused by incidents during transportation by sea has dropped to be the lowest among other shipping options. This makes it ideal for consigning cargo which is meant to reach long distances across the globe.
  5. Customization Option: Exporters who seek to transport high-value cargo or unique items which require specific environment or conditions can opt for customized cargo containers. These cargo containers can be available with controlled temperatures, humidity, freezing etc. options as needed for the particular product being shipped.

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