When to switch your Freight Forwarder?

We all know it, shifting from one freight forwarder to another needs herculean efforts. It will take a lot of your time and effort to get a reliable freight forwarder and moulding them on your organisation’s procedures, in itself a big task. Moreover, if you made a wrong pick, it can have a substantial adverse impact on your company operations. Due to all these difficulties, many organisations shy away from this process. But ignoring this is not a right step for your company growth. So to make your decision easier, in here we are suggesting some of the warning signs which indicates you it is time to change and find a new logistics partner.

1. Financial Warning Signs
Reporting a one-time quarterly loss is not a genuine reason to run for the exit from your current understanding with a freight forwarder, but a series of quarterly losses you must think about the future partnership.

2. Uncompetitive rates
Stick to a freight forwarder is always an easy choice. There are numerous reasons for the same as I.T. connectivity, sales familiarity, customer service and know how of your business operations name a few. But, if the existing forwarder is not offering competitive prices, it is the time to either have a rate conversation or choose a new one.

3. Service quality
There are plenty of freight forwarders who are providing similar services (ie moving your cargo from position A to position B), but one colossal differentiator is the level of service satisfaction is offered by your forwarder. If there is a drop in service satisfaction level by your service provider, it is the time to say goodbye to the existing forwarder and start the search for the new one.

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