Tips To Optimise Warehouse Storage

One of the most challenging scenario that the Warehouse and distribution managers face is optimizing the Warehouse storage. With the export and import demands are rising the facilities to store the inventories are also increasing, which leads to an excess requirement for storage facilities. To fully utilise the warehouse storage, one should know how to optimize the storage spaces with an increase in inventories.

With the increase in competition most of the companies have started taking initiatives to optimize warehouse storage, some of them are:

1. Automation – Increase in global population has boosted the demand for the excess requirement for multiple products in an automobile, pharmaceutical, electronic, food & beverage and many other industrial products. This increase in demand has led manufacturers to increase their production capacity and thus to lead to excess warehouse storage space requirements. With the help of automation, each categorized product is arranged separately without the human intervention, helping to reduce cost and time of organizing products and optimising to store more inventories.

2. RFID enabled sensor robot to manage Inventory – Identifying keeping track of the right package at the right place has always been a challenging task in the warehouse management. The startup company, Fetch robotics, has started the most innovative solution for warehouse storage facility where it brings autonomous robots, with a cloud-based software system, which will operate within the warehouses and distribution centers. It will help the movement, storage and sorting of inventories to the exact location within the warehouse. It will help to reduce the cost and time as robots do not require regular breaks and do not call the day off.

3. Revolution of Blockchain technology – It is a secured, protected and transparent platform where the information is stored and transmitted between users from the time it was created. It is encrypted, which means data cannot be forged. Each product recorded through blockchain facilities enables the entities to secure their supply chain, as all the place of storage, records and authenticity and all other necessary information would be available in a single ledger.

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