8 most important tips to ensure your parcel arrives safely

1. Safe packaging.
Safe packing of your load for shipment is absolutely essential. It is important to take into account the number of travel steps your item will travel on its way – it will be sorted by machine and loaded for distribution with dozens of other large and small items.
Although it is very unlikely to damage an item when you choose to send it with a reputable courier (like our providers), it is still a good idea to increase the care of this extra room.
We always advise our customers to carry in thick; double cardboard boxes because they are durable and less likely to fall, tear or open under pressure. You can read more of our tips on how to pack a package properly on our blog: How to pack a package properly – 8 expert tips.

2. Secure labels safely.
Once you have packed everything, it is important to ensure that your shipping labels are securely connected to the item. You do not want to endanger these labels because they could cause problems during shipping and could cause serious delays or even loss of items. Label in a poly bag and keep wrapping on them.

3. Do not send prohibited items.
One of the most important factors in its transportation is to ensure that your loads can be transported on duty. Especially when you send shipments abroad because each country has different rules and regulations on what it can and cannot import. Sending restricted or banned items can cause all sorts of problems with your load and can result in packaging being rejected, returned to the sender, or even destroyed.
Most messengers will have a list of these items that are easy to see. To view our list, you can find it on the Parcels NI website.

4. Remove the compensation cover.
After this, if your courier provides a type of compensation (most of them), make sure you get it to take this next step in protecting your package from harm or loss.
Before booking insurance, it is important to read this list of prohibited and unstable items to ensure that the items you are sending are included.

5. Correct address details.
Although it sounds simple enough to make sure all your address data is accurate, mistakes can be made easily. Incredibly, incorrect delivery addresses cause transport problems. To avoid this, make sure you always check the address information you provide.
The format of the address will vary from country to country, so if you are unsure, always contact the recipient or try to find the address yourself to ensure it is completely correct before transferring it. To the messenger.

6. Book with a reputable courier.
Before choosing a courier, do some research to make sure you get the best value for your money? Taking time to find a serious courier means you have extra peace of mind knowing that your items will be handled very carefully and will be safe when transported.
In Northern Ireland Parcels we only work with the best carriers in the industry to ensure our customers receive the highest quality service. You can see the list of messengers we are working with here.

7. Track packages online.
It is always a good idea to send packages with a reputable courier service that provides online tracking. This way you will be able to track your load progress because it will reach your destination so you can see any problems. You will also be informed when the item is sent, so you know exactly when you are waiting for it.

If you find any red flags, contact your transport service immediately and you can help and solve the problem.
On parcels Northern Ireland we provide a complete online track of shipments on all our loads. And if you have any questions or concerns at any time, we have a dedicated customer support team who can help you by phone, email and live chat.

8. Fill the customs documents.
This is the case if you carry items outside the EU. In this case, you will be required by law to complete customs documents in order to declare the contents and value of the items included in your pack. Considering the time and effort to complete these documents correctly will ensure a smooth run when your item travels through customs clearance. If you do not enter these documents or do not fill them in correctly, it can cause serious shipping problems and can seriously delay the load.

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