Signs you need help in Supply Chain

The below are the signs in which case you need help in supply chain or in logistics.

It is seen quite often, logistics companies ignore recurring complaints. As their focus is more on delivering assignments in hand, than redesign the whole supply chain, and this scenario becomes more legit when budgets are short. But there are points when your company needs help. Here are signs that signifies it’s time to think about your supply chain network.

Is the End Customer satisfied?: If the end customer of your supply chain is not happy, then it simply signifies that your whole supply chain is failed. It doesn’t weigh much what your job in your supply chain. If the end customer is not purchasing the product, then everyone loses in the supply chain.

Busy But Unproductive: If the staff of your company continuously seem busy, but it doesn’t reflect the same in output, then there is a problem. It may mean the workforce is overworked, or they are spending their time on non productive operations.

Not following the standard Compliance: In the world of logistics there are a bunch of approved methods for executing operations and if a company is following them, then one can guarantee that business is being legally compliant. But if your organisation is not pursuing approved methods, then you might be not running operations which are up to the legal standards. And the result of the same can be, it affects your organisation reputation, and can lead to legal consequences. By not only correctly implementing the compliance your job is done, but keep your workforce updated with the change in regulations and standards is also necessary.

The employee starts asking: Why do we do things this way? : The next sign you need help with your supply chain is when the people in your company is not able to recall exactly why you do your operations in a particular way. It may mean that the current setup is outdated for today’s necessities.

For example, In the past, there were certain things which were designed to increase customer delight. But Since then, the customer base is completely changed, and those transformations hold no value for the present set of customers.

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