Questions You Should Ask From A Freight Forwarder

In these times of booming worldwide trade, logistics play an important role in deciding the success of businesses. Freight is a vital facet of the logistical process.

Before signing on a deal with a potential freight forwarder or extending another contract to the current one, some questions need to be answered.

1. Do They Have An Extensive Network?
The best in the industry will probably have existing trade associations and extensive networks spreading out on every corner of the world. One should make sure that the freight forwarder at the least has contacts and reach in your desired shipping locations. This networking would help in facilitating the shipping and delivery of your package without any hassles.

2.What Kinds of Cargo Have They Dealt With?
Experience counts in almost all cases. When we need to select a freight forwarder, it is essential to know whether they have experience in dealing with the type of goods your business produces. A prior knowledge by the service provider in handling similar items underlines the safety of the package shipped.

3. Are They Financially Stable?
Financial stability of the freight forwarder assures no delays or surprise costs associated with such delays. A financially healthy enterprise would act out in real time and later bill you, rather than letting charges piled up.

4. Are They Capable Of Handling Your Demands?
It would be important to know beforehand whether the freight forwarder has a sufficient staff capacity to handle your shipping instructions, requests and load.

5. Are They Offering Insurance Cover?
Certain companies require to send consignments miles away and thus need to insure their goods before shipping it out. It would be better to know whether insurance is covered in the freight cost, or has to be added-on or even arranged from a third party.

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