SAP make the supply chain & logistic functions fully automatic and simple

Quality Management (QM) is an integral part of the supply chain and logistics functions in the SAP system.
It is fully integrated with optional components, including:
Materials Management (MM)
• Plant Maintenance (PM)
• Production Planning (PP)

• Quality control is valuable to the warehouse, to analyze incoming material to manufacturing unit and for manufacturing operations where the quality of processed products are checked during the manufacturing process and finished products are checked before reaching the warehouse.
Quality control components
QM covers three distinct areas:
1. Planning
2. Notices
3. Checks

The Quality Planning feature allows your Quality Department to arrange inspections to receive material from suppliers and production, work in progress, and stock relocation. The quality notice can be used to ask the quality departments to take the measures.
This can be an internal problem, a problem with the goods from the seller, or a customer complaint. Quality control is a physical check using specifications defined in quality planning.

In SAP, quality plans determine how items are checked. The plan also sets out the procedure for conducting the inspection, the properties of the object being inspected and all the necessary test facilities required for inspection.
The management plan is an important part of the quality management planning process. The design determines which features of the object are to be tested in each operation and what testing facility is required for testing.

The Quality Notice records a problem identified by the customer in relation to the product manufactured by your company or in relation to the supplier’s products.

An internal notice can also be given to report a quality problem that arose on the production line or anywhere in the plant. You can connect an existing QM command with a quality warning to create a new command for a specific notification.

Quality control occurs when a person in a quality department checks a product as determined by the management planning function.

Inspection is based on one or more many inspections where the lot is an application for the management of a particular item. Test batches can be created manually by the user or automatically by the SAP system. There are many events that can trigger an automatic inspection batch.

Most control batches are automatically initiated by the movement of materials such as material intake or material distribution. But other events, such as creating or releasing a production order, creating supplies, or transferring an inventory in a warehouse.

Batch testing functionality allows you to check stock in stock. The product can be a finished product, raw material or part of the equipment used in the enterprise. Once the inspection is complete, the inspection results should be recorded for each of the inspection features.

The test batch can be accepted as tolerance or can be rejected if the test finds that the results do not meet the specified specification for a particular characteristic.

Once the test has been completed, it may be decided to use material that can be accepted or rejected. Once the Quality Department has decided to use it, the check is technically closed.

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