Disadvantage of Ocean Cargo Shipping

Despite the fact that ocean cargo shipping has turned out to be the best, effective and low cost way of for transporting big and hefty shipment over long distances, it also has a share of it deficiency.

The disadvantages that describe to ocean cargo shipping don’t anyway render it as an ineffective service. They only become deficiency when evaluated against different modes of transport which can score better in the field of transport.

The following are disadvantages which individual face using sea freight shipping services.

Ocean freight shipping is constantly considered as a slower means of transport when correlated to road and air transport. This is due to the big size of products and the weight that it carries. Shipping consignments from one spot to other, rely upon how long the journey is.

Ocean cargo shipping can take even a few months. This makes ocean cargo shipping unacceptable when the customer needs the shipment on urgent basis. Short-lived products can’t be transported via ocean cargo especially where there are no special service like refrigeration. The product may reach to their delivery point when they are stale.

Ocean cargo shipping is only good for massive and big consignments. When managing with light or small consignments, it will show as ineffectual.This is ocean transport shipping has a low need of cargo that has to be transported.

It sets the minimum load limit that one can transport products using this service. The customers will pay the extra amount in the ocean cargo who’s shipment weight is less then the set minimum cargo requirement. In such a case, air cargo can be considered to be much suitable.

In the current time, ocean cargo shipping has been under the danger of pirates. The pirates steal a ship and ask for a ransom before discharging the ship. This can take a significant long time before the ship is discharged. This will mean that there will be disturbances in the normal running of a business if the freight on board was intended for business. For example, if the one was importing the products for sale in the nearby market, it implies that the stock will be held up for some time before the ship is released.

Moreover, products that are short-lived will end up going stale and this will be a major misfortune to the consignee. The danger of theft has affected contrarily on the security of ocean transport shipping.

Another incredible detriment of ocean cargo shipping is that if there should be an occurrence of a mishap or accident, it is constantly difficult to recover the cargo. Most of the cargo is unrecoverable as it soaks in the depth of the ocean. In other case,if the consignment is of crude oil can cause water contamination when it spills into the ocean if there should arise an occurrence of a mishap. This therefore leads to environmental deterioration and poses a danger to aquatic life.

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