Is Artificial intelligence going to change the global logistics scenario?

The fast emerging unification of global logistics with artificial intelligence has now become a mandatory combination for businesses who seek to have a competitive edge in the future. Artificial intelligence driven global logistics processes have transformed the entire movement of goods on a worldwide level.

  • Transportation of Goods: Artificial intelligence has moved on from its role of data diddling and is now emerging as a replacement to its human counterparts in almost all verticals of the supply chain. Unmanned flights are today delivering critical items to remote regions across the planet with the help of artificial intelligence technology. Giants like Google are betting their money on developing such self-driven vehicles which will be used for delivering goods.
  • Robotics: A fertile area for the collaboration of global logistics and artificial intelligence has been the sectors of automation and robotics. Industrial robots are now highly used to perform complex logistics operations mainly because they are easier to program and much more flexible. Use of AI robotics makes it cost effective to manage physically demanding and repetitive tasks involved in the logistics sector.
  • Anticipatory Logistics: Predicting demand through big data analysis and running algorithms to improve process efficiency has reduced if not eliminated the unnecessary delays in delivery time. Companies are now aware of upcoming demand spikes well in advance to be prepared to sufficiently stock up and then cater to its customers. Anticipatory logistics is also being used in the global logistics scenario for risk management by predicting potential risks and maintenance requirements way before the damage is done.
  • Self Learning: The global logistics industry has recognised the importance of pattern recognition, repeated trend detections and analysing the same through use of machine learning AI systems. This approach narrows down the room for error.

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