How to get a best freight quote from Logistics companies?

The key to getting the best freight quote from a logistics company is all about negotiation. Shipping is a serious concern for every business, and thus it is essential to negotiate terms by thinking ahead and preparing a requirement list in advance.

So in here, we are providing a list of steps following which you can do negotiation and can get best freight charges:

Frequency Of Shipping :

The frequency of shipping is a factor that will impact the freight quote. If one requires logistics services on a daily basis, their requirements will be far more different than those who need it on a weekly basis. So, Logistic companies always give different freight rates to the companies, depending on their shipping frequencies.

Amount of material you are shipping :

One needs to consider the tonnage they ship when it comes to deciding on terms with their logistics partner. Previous year’s figures can help in coming up with annual and also weekly averages, which can be used to determine an appropriate freight quote. The tonnage directly impacts the freight quote. One should turn the negotiation in their direction by pointing out the high volumes of material.

Study Logistics Partner’s Shipping Schedule :

Adapting to the logistic partner’s schedule might prove to be quite a tactic and leave room for negotiation. A little bit of flexibility on one’s end can go far when it comes to striking a deal with lower freight quotes. The first step is to identify one’s shipping schedules and the days in the week in which they require a lot of work.

Always clear the type of Shipment you are doing :

One should always clarify their freight description and the freight class rating they ship. Factors like the involvement of hazardous materials and whether or not the freight will be going to be collect or prepaid also should be clear beforehand. If one primarily ships LTL shipments, they should try and seek FAK ratings for saving on cost. Besides, it also eases up the auditing process.

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