How Sea Transport is performing in year 2018 ?

After having a tremendous ride since the recession, the sea transportation has observed a positive recovery with the increase in demand for automation and transparency. The Industry has recovered pretty well after a number of a political, economic and technological impact that took place during the darkest year 2015 – 2016. Today, around 80 to 90 percent of containers that are shipped around the world are either forty or twenty-foot standard length containers.
Some of the highlights of the sea transportation for the year 2018 follow:

  1. Increase in employment– around the world the industry has observed an increase in employment rate with increase in customer rich experiences, increase in handling of automation and decreasing violations.
  2. Increase in transportation – Over the span of years, the demand for sea transportation has tremendously increased with 80% of the total transportation of freight happens to take place through shipping rather than air and road mode of transportation, even though it considered to take longer transportation time than others.
  3. World of Automation– the year 2017 and till now the world has observed a tremendous increase in automation. To have greater transparency and decrease the level of discrepancy that happens during the transportation, the automation made the work easy and helped reduce the company’s cost and time. The increasing usage level of a sensor network for the customer’s inventories (in order to track their inventories with safe and sound and with on-time delivery) has led to tremendous increase in the level of transportation services for sea.

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