How ocean freight is different from air freight?

When it comes to international shipping, one can either opt for transportation through the ocean or via air. However, before deciding upon a particular mode of transport, one should understand the difference between the ocean freight & air freight.

1. Heavy Shipments: Every business decision needs to be weighed in accordance with costs and expenses. In the general cases, ocean freight rates are cheaper than as compared to air freight rates. Airlines bill their customers on the basis of chargeable weight, i.e. a combination of weight and size of the package. However, ocean freight rates are charged on the basis of per container rate. Ocean freight is dependant on the size of the package rather than weight. Therefore, ocean shipping is preferred in case of heavier shipments.

2. Speed: For many businesses, time is money. Without a doubt, it is much faster to ship via air in comparison to sea. Sea shipments might take as long as a month to arrive while air shipments can reach the destination in a day or two. Sea shipments take time to reach, and the delay might cost more and negate the benefits of cheap ocean freight rates. Due to the increasing pace of business and massive demand for prompt delivery air freight has risen to be more popular nowadays.

3. Reliability: Even though flights get cancelled now and then owing to bad weather, airlines are usually on top of their schedules. However, it is not uncommon for ocean carriers to be off schedule. Increased reliance on air cargo shipments is also more because even if a delay takes place, it can amount only to losing a day or two. Due to this increased reliability factor, air freight rates are higher than ocean freight rates.

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