How has technology changed the condition of warehouses?

The advent of innovative technological solutions in the warehouse has revolutionized the entire supply chain. Automated processes are increasingly replacing manual processes thus resulting in improved productivity and higher efficiency. Warehouse management is now becoming the norm and automation of warehouses is becoming the goal. On the face of it, warehousing seems same; however, technology has changed the behind the scenes day-to-day activities in a warehouse to a large extent.

Radio frequency identification technology or RFID have widely been adopted by warehouses to streamline processes, improve execution, increase the accuracy of data and reduce costs. A state of the art tracking system provides businesses with greater volumes of information from the warehouse. Information logged in the tracking system helps efficient planning of stock and distribution.

2. Barcode Scanners
Barcode scanners are not the latest technology but are for sure the highly adopted ones in warehouses today. Barcoding helps reduce errors and track and manage inventory movement in the warehouse. Operations can be optimized since it becomes more time sensitive to the ability to sketch forward plans and lead time reduction.

3. Cloud Computing
Cloud computing has turned out to be a highly versatile solution for companies who can now access various applications and software. Many software companies have introduced warehouse management software applications for easy access via Cloud services. Strict adherence to data security has seen increasing use of hosted computer infrastructure services for data storage.

4. Mobile Workstations
The ability to take the workstation anywhere has reduced chances of inaccurate inventories, mislabelled products etc. Information can now be updated wirelessly on a real-time basis as the mobile workstation can be easily transported to the point of a task.

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