Common Points To Unlearn About Logistics Process in India

There are simple and common points which logicians need to unlearn and adopt new logistics process.
Almost tremendous increase in the processing power of the computers due to cloud computing and other marvelous technological innovations which humankind has achieved in some recent years. Will cause everyone in the almost every industry to unlearn the ways we’ve done things so far, and logistics industry is no exception. If we state the same in simple words, a situation which was once impossible or impractical due to the limitation of computing power is now very much feasible. Seeing the technological advancements unlearning becomes essential, to learn new ways. In here we are discussing some of the common points which organisations need to unlearn about logistics.

The first thing to unlearn: Stop thinking concerning rigid supply chains & organisations must start working in the direction of  “network effects” where providers take advantage of a network environment to collect data and cooperate more productively.

The second thing to unlearn: Today Logistics process is not only a mean to deliver the product, but it also brands a company, as it enhances customer experience. Customers appreciate time-bound and guaranteed delivery. They compare brands by it, and their purchase decisions are affected by it. In a nutshell, a delay in product delivery can hit your organisation’s profitability.

The third biggie to unlearn: Stop treating third-party logistics service providers as vendors, but instead treat them as partners. In today’s logistics scenario 3rd parties are not just vendors who work for your company, but in actuality, they wear the face of your company when they’re doing last mile delivery, and in the case of warranty service, third-party companies objectives and work cultures must be aligned with your company. For customers, it is a complete experience from purchase to delivery, and for them, this is conducted by a single company.

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