Challenges Faced By Shipping Companies in India

Transportation of shipment through means of shipping companies has numerous advantages like cost-effectiveness and being environmentally friendly. Shipping companies in India have not been able to realize their fullest capacity due to a few constraints. Let’s us check out a few challenges faced by shipping companies in India which deter growth in the logistics sector:

Institutional Challenges
The rigidity of the Indian bureaucracy and its reluctance to give up control adds to the delay. Multiple involvements of the central, state and local governments with overlapping powers add to the chaos. Lack of a single window clearance system has made it challenging for shipping companies in India.

Infrastructural Challenges
Capacities of all major and minor ports in India need to be increased urgently. Due to transhipment points in other countries, the cycle time of Indian cargoes has rendered the uncompetitive on a global scale. Besides this development of road network, electricity and overall infrastructural development is also the need of the hour.

Financial Challenges
Shipping companies in India do not have access to any lucrative government schemes that have been available to other channels. The burden of taxes like Customs Duty on Bunkers, Landing Fees, Income Tax etc. without negligible exemptions have made it difficult for shipping companies to thrive.

Slow Process
The shipment procedures undertaken by shipping companies is quite cumbersome in comparison to other modes of transportation. This, in turn, wastes valuable shipping time and labour time which goes into the logistic process.

Vessel Size
The sizes of vessels are getting bigger owing to the rise in demand for shipping services. While it might sound like an improved trend, many ports in India are still struggling to keep up, and many of these large vessels cannot be called on into most of the ports.

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