Best Method To Lower Your Freight Charges

Freight charges constitute a significant share when it comes to your total cost figure. A smart entrepreneur can adopt some simple yet effective methods and in turn lower their freight cost. Let us check out a few of these freight reducing tips:

1. ) Carrier Consolidation
One might be using the services of multiple carriers in a bid to lower or spread the freight charges. However, consolidating multiple carriers into a single carrier might prove more beneficial. All the shipping volume, therefore, gets allocated to one single vendor, attracting volume-discounts from them. One can also seek multiple bids/quotes from all these freight carriers and chose from among the best.

2.) Avoid Surprises
A well-planned inventory management system with a productive lead time at the place will ensure no surprises. With everything planned, rush deliveries are at the minimal. Rush deliveries cost up to double and sometimes triple times the reasonable freight charges. Planning shipments geographically also help in avoiding rush delivery surprises.

3.) Weight Reduction
A professional freight service provider can help in trimming the freight charges to a significant effect. Products which require protection packing while shipping is packed with the right amount of bracing without causing damage. This method reduces the load or shipment weight and hence the overall freight rates.

4.) Ship Less But More
Shipping out larger volumes and on an infrequent basis can provide the benefits to the business. This way one can avoid repetitive base costs that arise on each shipment and also negotiate a better freight rate from the carrier.

5.) Choose Nearby Carriers
One should make sure to investigate and choose from the nearest available carrier to their ship-to destination. Choosing carrier terminals near to frequent ship-to locations can considerably reduce time, transportation costs and therefore shrink freight costs.

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