Advantages & disadvantages of air freight transportation services

Air freight transportation is the fastest mode of transporting goods in the national as well as international markets. Let us find out a few advantages and disadvantages that air freight transportation services:

Advantages of Air freight transportation

  • High Speed: Air freight is suitable for transporting goods which need to be delivered at long distances in a short period. Given the speed at which carriage of products can be achieved, air freight cannot be substituted by any other mode of transport in times of urgent requirements.
  • Allows Transport of Perishable Goods: Air transport is the ideal mode for transporting perishable goods which do not have a long shelf life.
  • No Infrastructure Investment Required: Air freight does not require any capital-intensive investments in construction of ports or tracks like ships and railways.
  • Ease of Access: Regardless of landscape obstructions air freight is accessible in all areas of the globe which is not within easy reach of other transportation modes.
  • Reduced Damage Risk: Shipping through air means that there is quicker delivery less handling of items during transit. Air freight shipping is by far very safe and has a low degree of risk of damage.
  • Global flexibility for Shipping : After the air was introduced, you opened several locations to dispatch. Rely on marine vehicles and land trans portion through major transport networks. Smaller countries of the world are often overlooked. Opening multiple doors to multiple parts of the world means vast reach and more clients served.
  • Consistency Of Arrival & Departure:
    With the help of airline services, it is easy to track your product and follow its promised delivery time. You will see which plane and when it will go away and when it will land. With land or sea transport, your package can be anywhere until you reach a big goal. A lost journey does not mean waiting for the next day for air travel. They fly on average every hour on average.As well as fewer air travel flights, customs duties can be reduced as much as possible.
  • This is useful for Agriculture:
    Air transport is suitable for injecting pests and insects that damage crops.
  • Reliable Air Traffic Services:
    Not to forget the intangible assets when deciding how your goods are transported. Always choose a qualified, experienced and representative carrier at affordable prices.Know that your load is processed by professionals who already have contacts and information to be able to send anywhere. Nothing happens leaving and getting the right load at the first attempt.Port payments, fines and inventory losses can cost you more. Companies can call this “calculated risk”, but this does not include emotional stress caused by uncertainty.Select ASAP Courier to find out how we can change our approach to delivery logistics. We will help you decide which method of delivery best suits your business.

  • End To End Services
    The international air transport network provides a wide range of services that meet the needs of different customers. This includes good relationships with GP carriers, carriers, operators, practices and logistics. This ensures your load arrives safely.The fragile and sensitive packages are safer in the hands of air freight services.
  • Reduce Dependence On Warehousing
    Faster delivery of packages means that small businesses will rely less on storing local supplies. Outflows and business flows force companies to deliver in anticipation.When cargo can fly quickly, inventory control becomes more natural. This is a huge advantage in adapting to trends, seasons etc. customers.
  • Low Premium
    As a result of shorter transport times, average air transport charges are lower than other modes of transport. The less time your pack is on the road, the less risk of losing it. Passing the two packages over fewer hands is also a little more encouraging for both parties.

Disadvantages of Air freight transportation

  • Very Costly: Air freight is regarded as the costliest mode of shipping. Air freight rates are so high that it is not feasible for low-value products.
  • Risk: Air transport is probably the riskiest mode of transportation since a minor glitch can cause a substantial loss.
  • Smaller Carrying Capacity: The load capacities of aircraft is limited and often too small to fulfill the requirements of most international shippers. Airplanes are unsuitable for carrying bulky and voluminous goods.
  • Unreliable: Air transport is severely impacted by adverse weather conditions thus making it uncertain and unpredictable. Often flights are cancelled due to fog, heavy rain and snow.

Now every one is clear about the air freight advantages and disadvantages.

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