Advantages & disadvantages of air freight transportation services

Air freight transportation is the fastest mode of transporting goods in the national as well as international markets. Let us find out a few advantages and disadvantages that air freight holds:

Advantages of Air freight transportation

  • High Speed: Air freight is suitable for transporting goods which need to be delivered at long distances in a short period. Given the speed at which carriage of products can be achieved, air freight cannot be substituted by any other mode of transport in times of urgent requirements.
  • Allows Transport of Perishable Goods: Air transport is the ideal mode for transporting perishable goods which do not have a long shelf life.
  • No Infrastructure Investment Required: Air freight does not require any capital-intensive investments in construction of ports or tracks like ships and railways.
  • Ease of Access: Regardless of landscape obstructions air freight is accessible in all areas of the globe which is not within easy reach of other transportation modes.
  • Reduced Damage Risk: Shipping through air means that there is quicker delivery less handling of items during transit. Air freight shipping is by far very safe and has a low degree of risk of damage.

Disadvantages of Air freight transportation

  • Very Costly: Air freight is regarded as the costliest mode of shipping. Air freight rates are so high that it is not feasible for low-value products.
  • Risk: Air transport is probably the riskiest mode of transportation since a minor glitch can cause a substantial loss.
  • Smaller Carrying Capacity: The load capacities of aircraft is limited and often too small to fulfill the requirements of most international shippers. Airplanes are unsuitable for carrying bulky and voluminous goods.
  • Unreliable: Air transport is severely impacted by adverse weather conditions thus making it uncertain and unpredictable. Often flights are cancelled due to fog, heavy rain and snow.

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